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How Van Tracking Works

At Crystal Ball, we provide advanced vehicle tracking solutions that offer real-time visibility into your fleet’s driving activities. Our state-of-the-art technology uses GPS tracking and cellular communication to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on the location and status of your vehicles.

First, the van is fitted with a tracking device. It is a simple, quick and easy process to help your vans get back on the road in no time at all. Once installed, your new GPS tracker will be able to begin tracking their movements. From here, begin getting valuable insights into your fleet’s performance with Crystal Ball’s easy-to-read reports, delivered straight to your inbox.

Our solution is designed to be easy to use and customisable, with options for data collection that include speed, location, and driver behaviour. You can choose the data points that matter most to your business and use them to gain valuable insights into your fleet’s performance.

Our solution is designed to be easy to use and customisable, with options for data collection that include speed, location, and driver behaviour. You can choose the data points that matter most to your business and use them to gain valuable insights into your fleet’s performance. With our van tracking tool, you’ll have total confidence in your team’s performance and be able to provide top-notch service to your customers.

Our configurable dashboard makes it easy to track your vans and generate detailed reports, allowing you to analyse and optimise your fleet’s movements and performance. Plus, journey playback provides complete clarity over your fleet’s activities. Crystal Ball’s reliable and user-friendly van tracking solution streamlines your operations, increases efficiency, and saves you money.

Whether you have a large fleet of vans or just a few, our GPS tracking technology allows you to maximise your assets and stay ahead of the competition. Trust Crystal Ball’s van tracking system to help you take your business to the next level.

Benefits of Van Tracking

Using a tracker for your van offers a range of different benefits, allowing companies to stay in more control and in the know. Whether it’s bringing peace of mind that the goods in the van are arriving safely or using a tracker to accurately track time and monitor their movement, a tracker helps to streamline operations and support many different areas of a company.

For a complete list of features, download our Fleet Vehicle Tracker Guide

Features of our Van Tracking Solution

Our van tracking solution offers a range of features to help streamline and simplify your business. These include:

Who Uses Van Tracking?

Here are some of the most common types of companies that benefit from van tracking:

Delivery Companies and Couriers

  • Efficient and timely deliveries are essential for delivery companies and couriers to meet customer demands. With real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles using telematics and GPS trackers, dispatchers can easily locate and reroute van drivers to avoid traffic or construction delays. Van tracking systems also allow for better route optimisation, helping vans to avoid unnecessary stops or go down longer routes.  
Delivery Companies and Couriers

Transportation and Logistics Companies

  • Efficient fleet management is crucial for transportation and logistics companies. Real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles using telematics and GPS trackers help dispatchers and managers make informed decisions about scheduling and routing, improving overall efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Driver behaviour monitoring and analysis can also help identify areas for improvement, such as excessive idling or speeding, helping to reduce maintenance costs and improve driver safety.
Transportation and Logistics Companies

Construction and Engineering Firms

  • Construction and engineering firms often have a fleet of vehicles that are constantly on the move between job sites. Vehicle tracking using telematics and GPS trackers help managers keep track of where their vehicles are, ensuring they arrive on time and on schedule. Customisable reports and analytics can also help identify areas where efficiency can be improved, such as identifying which vehicles are being underutilised or which routes are causing unnecessary delays.
Construction and Engineering Firms

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Providers

  • Transporting sensitive and time-critical goods such as medications, blood samples, or organs for transplant requires a reliable and secure fleet of vans. Real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles using telematics and GPS trackers can help ensure that these goods are transported safely and securely. Plus, FleetTracker is essential for patient transport, ensuring total visibility and safety over the movement of vans and their passengers.
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Providers

Field Service and Maintenance Providers

  • Field service and maintenance providers rely on a fleet of vans to reach their customers and provide timely services. A van tracker can help these providers manage their fleet and enables providers to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information on the location of their service technician, ensuring they arrive on time and are able to provide a prompt and efficient service.
Field Service and Maintenance Providers

What our clients say

Dave Perry

General Manager, Scobie McIntosh

With Crystal Ball we have increased efficiency, lowered fuel costs, and identified many cost-cutting opportunities.

Matthew Jones

Control Room Operations Manager, Prosec (UK)

I would recommend Crystal Ball to similar businesses as a viable cost-cutting measure; we have already recommended the system to our sub-contractors.

Phil Allen

Director, DAB Civil Engineering

We have noticed considerable benefits on efficiency, and our fuel bills have come down somewhat since having Crystal Ball in place.

Van Tracking FAQs

  • What is geofencing?

    Geofencing uses GPS technology to create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas. Fleet management can benefit from geofencing by using it to track the location of vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker and receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a defined area.

  • Does the vehicle tracker work in real-time?

    Yes, unlike some vehicle tracking units that require you to download the data once the vehicle has returned back to your offices each day. Crystal Ball’s GPS fleet tracking solution transfers the data to our web based portal in real-time, so you can view the information as it comes in.

    To provide greater visibility, our truck, HGV and van vehicle tracking systems update in a number of different ways. Unlike a lot of GPS fleet tracking solutions measure changes in three key areas:

    Distance travelled
    Change in heading
    Finally, the vehicle tracking unit transmits hourly updates when a van is not in journey.

  • Can GPS trackers be used on other vehicles?

    At Crystal Ball, we understand how important tracking, cost-saving and security is for all types of vehicles, not just vans. That’s why we’ve designed a device that is also compatible with lorries, HGVs, and trucks, vans, bikes and motorcycles, and trailers to ensure that no matter the type of business or how you operate, you can benefit from our solutions.

  • Is Crystal Ball’s van tracker compatible with different devices?

    You can access the vehicle tracker through both a computer or mobile thanks to our manager app, allowing you to use a range of devices to help keep track of your vehicles.

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