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Following introduction of dash cams, accidents have reduced by 53%


The Met Police reported 400 fewer collisions per month since dash cam adoption


Drivers using a dash cam have been proven to be 33% safer behind the wheel

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Our 4G Business Truck, Lorry, HGV & Van Dash Cam Protects Against Insurance Claims

  • Mid to high event severity video footage is generated with our van, truck or HGV dash cam when there has been a significant change in G-force
  • Event generated video footage provides FNOL within seconds to allow for rapid management of claims and minimal costs in the event of ‘at-fault’ accidents
  • Protect insurance premiums and your no-claims bonus and mitigate accident risk with our 4G business truck, lorry, HGV and van dash cam

SmartCam Assesses & Improves Driver Behaviour

  • Safeguard your fleet against ‘crash for cash scams’ with our truck, lorry, HGV and van dashcam
  • Educate drivers with event generated video with our 4G fleet dash cams to improve driver behaviour
  • Where video footage has not been generated due to an insignificant change in G-force, this footage can be reviewed on the SD card

Digital Vehicle Checklists

  • Digital vehicle checklists ensure your tracked fleet is roadworthy, compliant and vehicle defects are reported and dealt with immediately
  • Allows drivers to complete their vehicle checklists from their smartphone or tablet either daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Drivers can immediately take photographs of any vehicle defects which are uploaded with their completed vehicle checklist to the cloud in real time
  • The Driver App can be fully integrated with our HGV, lorry, truck and van 4G Dash Cam and will store the last 3 submitted vehicle checklists locally on the smart device in the event where the driver needs to provide evidence
  • The vehicle checklist can be completely customised to your own specific vehicle tracking requirements
Digital Vehicle Checklists

Driver Performance & Scoring

  • Reduce costs – Our business 4G van dash cam improves driver behaviour, which is integral to reducing overall fleet costs, reducing vehicle wear and tear and improving fuel efficiency
  • Driver performance app – Drivers can monitor their performance & driving scores with the Driver App that can be fully integrated with our 4G business van dash cam. Identifying the KPI’s that drivers need to focus on to improve their performance
  • Identify driver trends – The driver behaviour system provides up to 12 months trends analysis, stats and league tables to allow management to effectively monitor driver performance through our 4G fleet dash cam
  • Reward drivers – With Crystal Ball’s integrated systems, driver performance can be recognised and rewarded, our 4G fleet dash cam is proven to encourage engagement and motivate drivers to cultivate a company culture of safer driving
Driver Performance & Scoring

Optional driver-facing dash cams

  • With Crystal Ball’s SmartCam 4G solution, you can choose to add driver-facing dash cams to your fleet’s vehicle cameras to provide further evidence in the event of a RTA.
  • Determine liability in the event of an incident: inward-facing dash cams can prove that the driver was either paying full attention, or was distracted.
  • Improve driver behaviour by encouraging safer driving and eliminating bad habits such as smoking or using a mobile phone.
  • Improve road safety and reduce accidents across your fleet and provide peace of mind for both drivers and fleet managers.

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What our clients say

James Sherratt

Fleet Manager, MSL Vehicle Solutions

I decided to transfer our fleet over to CB and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their team are superb to deal with, in the current climate with vehicle utilisation being so high I was apprehensive about the task of getting everything switched over, but the team have made this as easy and flexible as possible. The technology they offer is far superior to our previous provider. If you are considering changing your provider, I would certainly recommend speaking to the team at Crystal Ball.

Charlotte Herrett

Fleet Manager, Chesterfield Borough Council

With a fleet of 196 our previous systems did not provide enough information for what we needed. The system has much out performed anything we have had previously. Dash cams, Driver ID and Electronic vehicle checks have enhanced Fleet KPI'S. Control over driver behaviours has reduced wear and tear on vehicles and speeding issues. We now have safer driving, less public complaints and fewer accidents.

Simon Catley

Delivery Service Manager, Croydon Council

We have used the tracker system for 2 years now, recently we upgraded to the latest dual dash camera's, this will allow us to protect our staff and fleet, over the past 2 years I have found that the team have supported our service with their knowledge of the system and are always willing to help when called upon, we have always received an excellent service and would highly recommend other Fleet Managers to purchase the Crystal Ball System.

SmartCam FAQs

  • Does SmartCam also track the vehicle?

    Yes, SmartCam integrates Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker solution, an established gps fleet tracking system used by thousands of SME’s and local government in the UK today. You can login to our web-based admin portal and view the locations of your vehicles on our mapping interface, play back journeys, setup alarms/alerts and download historical journey or event reports, amongst other powerful functionality.

  • Are incidents automatically recorded?

    Yes, with Crystal ball’s Smart 4G truck, HGV and van dash cam the integrated accelerometer will detect significant changes in G-force to generate video events. Such events are categorised into Medium or High Severity, dependent on the level of G-force detected. SmartCam customers can also review all footage captured on their business dash cams from the internal SD card outside of automated events.

  • Can videos be viewed in real-time?

    Yes, videos are sent to the Crystal Ball system over the mobile network and viewable within the admin portal and Manager App in real-time, unlike most commercial dashcams available today, which do not support mobile connectivity and only record videos to the SD card on the device.

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