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Benefits of Car Tracking

Crystal Ball’s easy-to-use and reliable fleet tracking solution streamlines your operations while minimising costs. Car tracking provides a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to enterprise-level corporations. Some of the benefits of car GPS trackers include:

For a complete list of features, download our Fleet Vehicle Tracker Guide

Features of our Car Tracking Solution

Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker offers a range of valuable features to increase visibility and optimise your company’s cars.

Who Uses Car Trackers?

A wide range of organisations can benefit from the cost savings, increased safety, and better efficiency delivered by telematics in company cars.

Service providers

  • Companies offering maintenance or installation services can benefit from GPS tracking that ensures service engineers are driving safely and efficiently to get to jobs on time. For repair and maintenance services, where time is of the essence, FleetTracker analytics and reporting makes it easier to identify opportunities to boost efficiency and take action to streamline operations.  
Service providers

Delivery and logistics

  • On-time deliveries are paramount. By using our car trackers to optimise delivery routes to reduce travel time, your organisation can offer speedier delivery. In-vehicle GPS trackers provide up-to-date delivery time estimates for happy and satisfied customers. Plus, real-time reporting on driver performance and times means greater visibility over the team’s efforts.
Delivery and logistics

Sales organisations

  • For organisations that provide sales representatives with cars to visit clients, installing tracking devices is a great way to optimise travel and gain visibility over vehicle movements. Ensure that your representatives are making it to client pitches and product demonstrations on time with your car trackers and analyse journey data to optimise their routes for more successful sales.
Sales organisations

Local councils

  • For local councils and other public sector organisations, car trackers are a crucial tool for ensuring reliable and accurate location information at all times. When employees use company vehicles to travel to conferences, training sessions, or meetings, making sure that vehicles are being safely and efficiently used is key to improving local council operations.
Local councils

Car rental businesses

  • For organisations renting out cars to customers, using telematics to keep tabs on your vehicles is essential. The trackers allow you to oversee vehicle movements and diagnostic information no matter where your cars are in the world, allowing for better asset management. Moreover, GPS trackers allow for more accurate arrival estimates when delivering or returning rental cars, enabling better customer service and happier customers every time.
Car rental businesses

What our clients say

Brian Wright

CEO, Primo Drinks

The driving data and imagery recorded by Crystal Ball is precise and verifiable. One incident alone has paid for fitting the tracking and camera system to the entire fleet.

Jeroen Van Os

Finance Director ERS Medical

We have been involved in numerous incidents since the installation of SmartCam and based on the video footage we have been in a position to challenge which party was liable

Stephen Wrest

Director, Home 2 Office Watercoolers Ltd

The Manager App is extremely convenient for us, we can now remotely access Crystal Ball when out of the office. This is particularly useful on a weekend if we get an email alert notifying us of vehicle movement.

Car Tracking FAQs

  • What is car tracking?

    Car tracking or telematics refers to the transmission of vehicle data in real time which is then recorded and analysed. By placing a GPS tracker in the cars, the device captures data such as location, speed, and driver behaviour, and estimates fuel usage and CO2 emissions. All this information is instantly transmitted over the mobile phone network. The data is collated into dashboards and reports accessible via internet-enabled devices and apps, allowing you to gain full visibility over the fleet of vehicles.

  • How accurate is car tracking?

    Our GPS trackers are highly accurate in tracking the exact locations of your cars. The devices can pinpoint your cars’ locations to within three metres or 10 feet.

  • How frequently do the tracking systems update?

    We know how important real-time visibility over vehicles is, so we’ve designed our car trackers to update in three ways when a car is in use: time, distance travelled, and change in heading.

    When the car is not in journey, the tracker also transmits an hourly system heartbeat which keeps you updated on the location of unmanned vehicles.

  • Are vehicle telematics just for enterprise-level businesses?

    Although telematics is often associated with large enterprises with huge fleets of vehicles, our car trackers are also very useful for SMEs. Streamlining fleet management and allowing for more efficient and cost-effective operations, using trackers in your vehicles can be key to boosting efficiency in your small or medium-sized business. For more information, read our article about how telematics are essential to help SMEs grow.

  • Is there an app available for accessing the data?

    Crystal Ball offers a car tracking mobile app which allows you to manage fleets remotely from your smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Can Crystal Ball’s tracker be used in electric vehicles?

    Yes, FleetTracker telematics can be used in electric vehicles as well as traditional cars.

  • Is FleetTracker compatible with other types of vehicles?

    Absolutely. Our vehicle tracking system can be used across a range of different vehicle types. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated car tracker or a vehicle tracking system that can be used in a range of vehicles, FleetTracker is the ideal flexible tool for you.

  • Can the GPS tracker be used in lorries and HGVs?

  • How much does a car tracker cost?

    The cost of our GPS car trackers depends on the size of your fleet and the features you require. Chat to us about your fleet’s needs and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

  • Can a tracking system reduce the risk of car theft?

    Installing car trackers can not only deter a theft attempt, but it also increases the likelihood of recovering the stolen vehicle quickly and effectively. The cars’ vehicle tracking devices will continue to send out location data when they are moved by opportunistic car thieves, allowing members of the UK police force to rapidly intervene and recover the vehicles.



    For added vehicle security, consider choosing our bolt-on features of automatic driver recognition with driver ID cards (so you will know immediately if an unauthorised driver operates the car), and remote immobilisation (so unauthorised drivers are prevented from starting the vehicle). With these added features, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your company cars are safe.

  • What’s the difference between FleetTracker and Thatcham-approved car trackers?

    FleetTracker is our GPS tracker designed specifically for business fleets. With its powerful integrated tools and advanced cloud tracking software, FleetTracker is the perfect solution for organisations that want to gain greater visibility over their car fleets. In contrast, an insurance-approved tracker is more suited for individuals or small organisations with high-value vehicles who are concerned about theft. While they lack the fleet management capabilities of FleetTracker, Thatcham insurance-approved car trackers still reduce the risk of theft and increase the chances for recovering stolen vehicles. If you’re still not sure what the best car tracker for you might be, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to provide a demo.

  • How do I get my car tracker installed?

    You can get each car tracker fitted quickly and easily thanks to our nationwide installation service. We’ll install the device and get you started on our car GPS tracking software so you can start seeing the benefits straight away.

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