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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated the frequently asked questions about our industry-leading vehicle tracking technology. If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us!

GPS Vehicle Tracking FAQs

  • What is fleet tracking?

    Fleet tracking means monitoring and managing a group of vehicles using GPS tracking devices installed in the vehicles. The GPS tracker in each vehicle feeds back data about current location, speed, mileage, and more. All this information can be accessed remotely using a desktop or mobile browser or app, allowing businesses to gain visibility over the whole fleet, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety.

  • Why use a GPS fleet tracking system?

    Some of the biggest benefits of using GPS trackers in your fleet vehicles include:

    • Improved fleet management and optimisation: Organisations can use vehicle telematics systems to monitor and optimise vehicle movements, reducing unnecessary mileage and making informed routing decisions.
    • Real-time driver behaviour monitoring: GPS trackers allow managers to evaluate driver behaviour, allowing the identification of top performing drivers and drivers who may need additional training. With driver behaviour monitoring, the GPS tracker makes it easier to incentivise safer driving and reduce the risk of accidents.
    • Increased vehicle security: Trackers provide greater visibility over the locations of the fleet, allowing for the easier location and recovery of lost or stolen vehicles. This can lead to significant cost savings and greater productivity.
    • Better customer service with accurate ETAs: For delivery companies, GPS trackers allow for more accurate ETAs, boosting the satisfaction of customers.
    • Automated alerts with geofencing: GPS fleet tracking with geofencing means that fleet managers can be instantly alerted if a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area.
    • Fuel usage and cost monitoring: The vehicle tracking system is able to estimate fuel consumption and costs based on factors like distance travelled and idling time. This allows for more efficient fuel usage across the fleet.
    • Streamlined compliance and reporting: GPS trackers generate detailed reports about locations, driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and more which can be used for performance analysis and complying with all relevant regulations and standards.

    To find out more about the benefits of GPS trackers, check out our blog What is Vehicle Tracking and How Will it Help My Business?

  • How does GPS fleet tracking work?

    For fleet tracking, small GPS devices with a discreet and compact design are installed in every vehicle. Using a GPS receiver, these devices are able to receive signals from GPS satellites orbiting the planet and triangulate the signals to identify a highly accurate current location. The tracking device then uses a built-in SIM card to send tracking data to a central server or cloud-based platform via the cellular network.

    Once received, this data can be processed in a number of ways, including mapping location data, estimating fuel costs, and calculating the speed at which vehicles are moving. Users can access these insights and generate reports using the interface which can be accessed on a web browser or mobile app. They can also create geofences and configure other settings for more effective fleet management.

  • What is GPS?

    GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a navigation system that uses a network of GPS satellites that orbit the Earth to provide precise location information. The satellites transmit radio signals containing information about the location and time of transmission, which is picked up by GPS-enabled devices. These devices use the GPS signals to calculate how far the device is from each satellite, allowing it to triangulate the precise location.

  • How accurate is GPS tracking?

    GPS usually offers accuracy within a few metres, although this may vary depending on factors like signal obstructions, GPS receiver quality, and the number of satellites in view. In general, GPS offers highly accurate and precise real-time location information.

  • Does Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker allow you to track vehicles in real time?

    Yes, our solution offers real-time vehicle location tracking, sending information instantaneously from the in-vehicle trackers to your web-based portal. This means that fleet managers can gain total and accurate visibility over all fleet vehicle movements in real time.

  • Is GPS fleet tracking only suitable for large businesses?

    No, GPS trackers can be used for fleet management in a wide range of businesses. From massive logistics companies to smaller car rental businesses or maintenance service providers, GPS trackers benefit all types of businesses that have a fleet of vehicles to track.

  • Can I immobilise a vehicle from the Manager App?

    Yes, if you have FleetTracker’s Remote Immobilisation bolt-on then you will be able to quickly and conveniently immobilise a vehicle with one click from the Manager App whilst stationary. This functionality offers an increased level of vehicle security.

  • Can GPS fleet tracking systems help prevent unauthorised vehicle use?

    Yes, GPS trackers can prevent unauthorised vehicle use by triggering alerts when the vehicle is used outside of designated working hours or if it deviates from the assigned route or geofenced area. With the remote immobilisation bolt-on, fleet managers can also prevent vehicles from starting if an unauthorised user tries to use it.

  • What is the best vehicle tracking device?

    The best vehicle tracking device will depend on a number of factors including your unique requirements and budget. Here at Crystal Ball, we offer a range of different vehicle tracking devices to suit various needs including car tracking, van tracking, and lorry/HGV/truck tracking, as well as three types of insurance-approved Thatcham trackers.

  • What is the ROI of a vehicle tracking system?

    While the exact ROI of vehicle tracking will depend on your organisation, installing trackers in your vehicles can lead to major cost savings for a number of reasons:

    • Increase productivity and efficiency: With the help of trackers, fleet managers can better optimise routes so that the closest person completes the journey, increasing the efficiency and productivity of operations.
    • Reduce fuel costs: Driver behaviour monitoring encourages and incentivises good driver performance, encouraging drivers to take more efficient routes and spend less time idling. This can lead to reduced fuel costs overall.
    • Reduce accident costs: With better and safer driver behaviour, installing trackers in vehicles makes it less likely that drivers will be involved in accidents which can be dangerous and expensive.
    • Reduce insurance premiums: Fewer accidents can be beneficial to your no-claims bonus and insurance premiums, allowing you to save money.
    • Anti-theft solution: Trackers in your vehicles reduce the risk of vehicles being stolen, leading to cost-savings.
  • Can vehicle tracking save me money on insurance?

    Absolutely. GPS trackers in your vehicles can provide accurate and invaluable driving behaviour and vehicle usage data, which can help you negotiate better insurance rates for your fleet. In particular, our insurance-approved Thatcham tracking systems are ideal for securing lower insurance premiums for individuals and businesses with high-value vehicles.

Dash Cams and Vehicle Camera Systems

  • What is a dash cam?

    Dash cams or dashboard cameras are video recording devices that are mounted on a vehicle. Advanced models like Crystal Ball’s cloud-based 4G dash cam offer real-time footage transfer to the cloud as well as continuous SD card recording that can be downloaded remotely, and provide HD video recording quality.

  • Why should I use a dash cam?

    There are a wide range of benefits from using dash cams in your vehicles, including improved safety and driver behaviour. Drivers using a dash cam have been proven to be 33% safer behind the wheel, and accidents have been reduced by 53% following the introduction of dash cams.

    Moreover, dash cams offer evidence in the case of accidents and disputes and have been found to reduce the risk of theft of vandalism. For example, Crystal Ball’s 360° vehicle CCTV system can provide irrefutable evidence in the unfortunate case of a road traffic accident. Overall, dash cams are a great way to boost safety and security while protecting your insurance premiums and no-claims bonuses.

  • Can dash cam footage be viewed in real time?

    Yes, Crystal Ball’s SmartCam footage is instantly sent via the mobile network when a significant change of g-force is detected, and can be viewed in the Manager App or the admin portal. The dash cam is also integrated with GPS for fleet tracking, allowing users to view both location and footage in real time.

  • Can Crystal Ball help my fleet become DVS compliant?

    Yes, with our DVS camera system, sensor system, and audible warnings, we can help your fleet comply with the Direct Vision Standard HGV safety permit scheme.

Purchase & Installation FAQs

  • Can I try Crystal Ball’s solutions before I buy?

    Yes, we’d be happy to provide a quick free demo of our industry-leading vehicle tracking systems. Our specialists can provide an online demo of our solutions. Book your demo today. We may also offer complimentary trials!

  • How much does Crystal Ball’s fleet tracking system cost?

    The price of our fleet tracking solutions depends on a number of factors including the size and type of your fleet as well as the bolt-ons and additional services you may choose. To get a free, no-obligations quote that is customised to your business’ unique needs, fill out our form.

  • Does Crystal Ball install the GPS trackers on vehicles?

    Yes, our expert auto engineers carry out installation of the trackers in your vehicles.

  • How can I contact Crystal Ball to find out more?

    Call us on +44(0)330 995 9950 or email

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