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How Our Fuel Card Works

Fuel cards are specialised payment cards designed for businesses with fleets of vehicles to manage fuel expenses efficiently. These cards are typically issued by fuel card providers like BP and can be used at specific fuel stations or a network of partnering stations across the UK. Buying your fleet’s fuel cards through Crystal Ball helps you save money and get access to even cheaper rates than other fuel card providers.

With a fuel card solution, fleet managers can control and monitor fuel expenditures, simplifying accounting processes, and providing cost-saving opportunities.These cards cover various fuel types, including petrol, diesel, and electric fuel, making them ideal for fleets transitioning towards electrification.

Plus, Crystal Ball’s fuel cards offer digital integration with our fleet management software, allowing for efficient fuel spend tracking and management. With HMRC-approved invoices and customisable online dashboards, fleet managers can easily monitor fuel consumption and expenses, simplifying financial management.

Benefits of Crystal Ball's Fuel Card

Crystal Ball’s fuels cards bring numerous benefits to fleet managers and drivers alike, including:

Why Choose Crystal Ball For Your Fuel Card Needs?

  • We’ve partnered with BP to provide the perfect fuel card for your business. Whether you have a large or small fleet, the Crystal Ball fuel card offers a range of advantages over other providers:
  • Expertise and support: As a trusted fuel card provider, Crystal Ball offers expert guidance and dedicated customer support, assisting you throughout the application process and during your fuel card usage.
  • Seamless integration: Crystal Ball’s fuel cards integrate seamlessly with fleet management software, offering a comprehensive view of your fleet’s performance, fuel usage, and other important metrics for informed decision-making. Whether you already use our fleet tracking and dash cam solutions or have yet to try them, our fuel card service integrates powerfully with these must-have tools for UK businesses.
  • Flexibility for different business sizes: From small businesses with a few vehicles or enterprises with a huge network of cars, HGVs, and more, Crystal Ball’s fuel cards offer scalable solutions to meet your specific fuel card needs. Contact us for a fuel card quote for your business.
Why Choose Crystal Ball For Your Fuel Card Needs?

Who Uses Business Fuel Cards?

Whether managing a small business fleet or a large one, fuel cards provide consistent savings, ensuring budget control and reducing the burden of immediate fuel payments.

Logistics and Transportation Companies

  • Logistics and transportation companies with large fleets of trucks and delivery vehicles can benefit significantly from fuel cards. With extensive network coverage at various fuel stations, fuel cards streamline refuelling processes, saving time for drivers who can focus on timely deliveries. The ability to monitor fuel usage and expenses in real-time helps these businesses optimise routes, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall fleet efficiency.  
Logistics and Transportation Companies

Construction Firms

  • Construction companies often operate multiple vehicles and equipment at different job sites, making fuel management a challenge. Fuel cards offer a convenient solution, allowing construction firms to track fuel spend for individual vehicles or equipment. With fuel cards, they can access detailed transaction data and control spending limits, ensuring that fuel expenses are allocated accurately to each project, making it easier for cost estimation and invoicing.
Construction Firms

Sales and Service Businesses

  • Sales representatives, service technicians, and field staff of businesses like HVAC, plumbing, or electrical services often travel to customer locations. A business fuel card provides these organisations with an efficient way to manage fuel expenses for their dispersed workforce. Real-time insights into fuel usage enable managers to optimise routes and ensure that employees can refuel easily at a wide network of fuel stations.
Sales and Service Businesses

Courier and Delivery Services

  • Courier and delivery services heavily rely on timely and efficient operations. Fuel cards facilitate easy access to fuel at numerous stations across the UK, enabling drivers to refuel without detours, ultimately saving time and improving delivery schedules. Real-time fuel data and cost monitoring help fleet operators make data-driven decisions to enhance delivery routes and maximise fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
Courier and Delivery Services

Fuel Card FAQs

  • What’s the fuel card application process like?

    The fuel card application process is typically straightforward and efficient, designed to provide businesses with quick access to fuel card services. The first step is for the business or fleet manager to submit an application to Crystal Ball, which you can do online or by contacting us. We will verify the applicant’s business details, which may include company registration, business address, and other relevant information.

    Once the business is verified, the fleet manager can customise the fuel cards according to their specific requirements. This may involve setting spending limits, defining fuel types allowed, and selecting the network of fuel stations where the cards can be used. We’ll work with you to find the fuel card that works best for your business. Once your fuel card is all set up, our expert team is available to support your implementation and answer any questions.

  • Are fuel cards suitable for all types of businesses?

    Yes, fuel cards are beneficial for various types of businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations. It doesn’t matter if your fleet is made up of cars, trucks, or motorcycles; if your drivers need to buy fuel, a fuel card is the best option for cost savings at petrol stations.

  • How do fuel cards benefit fleet managers specifically?

    Fuel cards make all the difference for fleet managers, empowering them with real-time monitoring of fuel consumption and expenses for all vehicles. This data-driven approach helps optimise routes, control fuel station expenses, and enhance overall fleet efficiency. With greater control over fuel management, fleet operators can make informed decisions that positively impact the business’ bottom line.

    Additionally, fuel cards simplify the accounting process for fuel expenses. Fleet managers receive consolidated invoices and detailed transaction reports, making it easier to track fuel costs, allocate expenses to specific projects or departments, and comply with HMRC requirements.

  • Is a fuel card a better option than a company credit card?

    The choice between a fuel card and a company credit card will depend on your fleet’s specific needs. For many large and small businesses, fuel cards offer fleet managers enhanced security, centralised control, and real-time monitoring, making them a more secure and useful option compared to company credit cards. With specific security features like PIN protection and usage restrictions, fuel cards reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorised spending. Fleet managers can customise each fuel card, set spending limits, and restrict usage to fuel-related expenses only.

  • Can fuel cards be used at any UK fuel stations?

    While your fuel card can be used to get the best deal on petrol at a wide network of petrol stations across the country, they are not accepted at all service stations. We’ve chosen to partner with BP’s fuel card offering because of the immense number of participating UK fuel stations to ensure our customers are never far from one.

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