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How Asset and Trailer Tracking Works

Crystal Ball’s asset and trailer trackers are small but durable, with an IP68-rated enclosure which allows them to withstand water, dust, and severe temperatures. Four mounting options (magnetic mount, straps, screws, or adhesive tape) allow you to easily install the tracker on your asset or trailer.

Once installed, the GPS tracker transmits location data once a day via a mobile network SIM card. You can access all reports and GPS data via web-based portal or mobile app.

The super-long battery life and smart sleeping mode mean that these devices can be used for up to three years, offering a long-term solution that prevents asset theft.

Benefits of Asset and Trailer Tracking

Our tracker offers a range of benefits for assets and trailers, allowing you to stay in control and in the know and all times. These benefits include:

For a complete list of features, download our Fleet Vehicle Tracker Guide

Features of our Asset and Trailer Tracking Solution

Our feature-rich tracker allows for constant monitoring, insight into maintenance needs, alerts for greater security and much more:

Who uses Asset and Trailer Tracking?

Asset and trailer tracking is beneficial for any company from smaller businesses looking to improve their logistics to large, global enterprises looking to streamline their operations and enhance fleet management.

Transportation and logistics

  • These types of companies benefit from using asset tracking solutions that incorporate GPS technology. These solutions enable them to efficiently manage their fleets and enhance their overall operations. By leveraging asset tracking management tools, companies can optimise their routes, minimise travel time, and improve delivery times.  
Transportation and logistics

Construction companies

  • For construction companies, asset tracking solutions are essential in managing heavy equipment and trailers. This technology allows them to easily track the location of their equipment, reduce theft and unauthorised use, and optimise maintenance schedules.
Construction companies

Agriculture industry

  • The agriculture industry also benefits from using asset tracking solutions. By monitoring their crops and equipment through GPS technology, farmers can optimise their operations, reduce wastage, and improve overall efficiency. The ability to accurately track the location of assets helps in better decision-making and ultimately leads to better outcomes for the business.
Agriculture industry

What our clients say

Brian Wright

CEO, Primo Drinks

The driving data and imagery recorded by Crystal Ball is precise and verifiable. One incident alone has paid for fitting the tracking and camera system to the entire fleet.

Kevin Morrison

Operations Director, Trojan Crates

Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50.

Phil Allen

Director, DAB Civil Engineering

We have noticed considerable benefits on efficiency, and our fuel bills have come down somewhat since having Crystal Ball in place.

Asset/Trailer Tracking FAQs

  • What is asset tracking?

    Asset tracking is the process of tracking and managing physical assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and inventory. Asset tracking solutions use GPS technology to monitor the location of assets and provide real-time updates on their condition and status.

  • How do I choose the right asset tracking solution for my business?

    When choosing an asset tracking solution, businesses should consider factors such as the size of their fleet, the type of assets they need to track, their budget, and the features they require. It is essential to choose a solution that meets your specific business needs and can grow with your business over time.

  • How can asset tracking solutions help prevent theft and unauthorised use?

    Asset tracking solutions use geofencing to create virtual boundaries around assets and provide notifications when they enter or exit the defined area. This feature helps businesses to prevent theft and unauthorised use of their assets.

  • Does our tracker work with other vehicles?

    Yes, we have not limited our tracker to work solely with lorries, HGVs and trucks. You can use our tracking device with a range of different vehicles from vans, bikes and motorcycles, and trailers. No matter the type of vehicle, business or purpose you have in mind, our GPS tracking system offers a range of solutions for you.

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