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Irrefutable Evidence In The Event of a RTA

  • Equipping your commercial fleet with Crystal Ball’s vehicle CCTV systems will provide invaluable evidence in the event of a road traffic accident. It can be extremely difficult to determine which party is at-fault and liable for an incident, in which case many accidents result in the wrong party taking liability. Crystal Ball’s 360° vehicle CCTV system can safeguard your fleet by offering protection in the event of an incident to provide irrefutable evidence. By providing recorded footage of an accident, conflicting reports can be quickly and easily settled ensuring the correct party is determined to be at fault. As a result companies can make huge cost savings and protect their drivers by equipping vehicles with Crystal Ball’s truck camera system.

Eliminates Blind Spots & Reduces Collision Risk

  • Crystal Ball’s 360° truck camera system assists drivers with manoeuvres by displaying the various camera inputs on a monitor within the cab. This minimises the risk of accidents and fatalities caused by reversing vehicles, by eradicating blind spots. Left and right hand side cameras also eliminate blind spots accountable for many collisions. Not only do vehicle cameras enhance the safety of the driver it provides protection to cyclists and pedestrians – mandatory for Direct Vision Standard as of October 2020.
Eliminates Blind Spots & Reduces Collision Risk

Discover how 360 degree vehicle CCTV can safeguard your fleet

What connectivity options are available for 360° Vehicle CCTV?


WiFi connectivity allows devices to communicate wirelessly, without the need to physically remove the hard drive. Footage can be downloaded within a small localised area (e.g. fleet yard or depot) once the device is connected to the WiFi network.

Hard Drive

This option requires physical removal of the hard drive from the vehicle and must be connected to a PC. The most
cost-effective option and ideal for fleets regularly returning back to site. 1 and 2 TB options available, recording times vary.

Vehicle CCTV Options

  • Forward View Camera: 
    A forward facing camera is essential for accident management, many collisions involve the front end of the vehicle, therefore positioning a camera here will provide insightful detail should the vehicle be involved in a RTA. A forward facing camera will also help eliminate blind spots which often exist in trucks due to the size and elevated driver position.
  • In-Cab Camera:
    A driver facing camera may eliminate bad driving habits that may result in collisions and therefore enhance fleet safety.
  • Near Side Camera:
    This is a particularly important camera as it reduces the nearside blind spot which is accountable for many collisions. It is a necessary requirement of Direct Vision Standard, a legislation introduced by Transport For London aimed to reduce accidents and save lives.
  • Right Side Camera: 
    Equipping the vehicle with a right side camera alongside all others allows for 360° visibility around the vehicle. Safeguarding against all types of collisions and ensuring you have irrefutable evidence no matter what the case.
  • Rear View Camera:
    Installing a rear view camera will ensure rear blind spots are minimised and reversing accidents prevented.
Vehicle CCTV Options

Additional Equipment Options (Mandatory for Direct Vision Standard)

  • In-Cab 7″ Monitor:
    Installing an in-cab monitor provides a manoeuvre aid to the driver to assist with reversing, turning and blind spot elimination. An in-cab monitor not only enhances the safety of the driver but also vulnerable road users. The monitor can be configured with single to multiple camera inputs and auto-triggers if required.
  • Left Turn & Reversing Audible Alarm:
    Designed to warn pedestrians and cyclists that the vehicle is turning left or reversing. This is an essential element should you wish to enhance health and safety. Reversing vehicles account for a quarter of all workplace deaths therefore minimising blind spots and introducing awareness that the vehicle is manoeuvring is a necessary step to take.
  • Proximity Side Sensors: 
    Installing your fleet with proximity sensors is a vital part of minimising vehicle damage and collisions with vulnerable road users or objects. Crystal Ball’s sensor system alerts the driver of objects within close proximity of the vehicle when moving and also stationary. An audible and/or visual in-cab warning informs the driver of the objects distance to the vehicle.
Additional Equipment Options
(Mandatory for Direct Vision Standard)

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