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What is Remote Immobilisation?

  • FleetTracker’s Remote Immobilisation allows company vehicles to be immobilised remotely via any internet enabled PC or smart device
  • Automated email alerts containing vehicle details and current location should a vehicle be moved without the knowledge or approval of the company or owner
  • Additional immobilisation can be added through FleetTracker’s Driver ID feature. Drivers must apply their uniquely coded dallas key to the vehicle before the ignition activates (Driver ID immobilisation is an additional feature)
What is Remote Immobilisation?
  • Increases levels of security – remote immobilisation and Driver ID immobilisation provide two extra security systems to your company vehicles (Driver ID immobilisation is an additional feature)
  • Reduce insurance premiums – having vehicle tracking with remote immobilisation may reduce your annual fleet insurance premiums due to an increased level of security (Dependent upon your insurance provider)
  • Improves stolen vehicle recovery rates – remote immobilisation increases the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle from where it was taken

Remote Immobilisation FAQs

  • Why do I need Remote Immobilisation?

    Remote Immobilisation is an important FleetTracker feature if you wish to safeguard your valuable company assets and increase levels of security. Doing so will lessen the chances of a vehicle being stolen and increase stolen vehicle recovery rates.

  • How do I immobilise a vehicle?

    Any vehicle with FleetTracker’s Remote Immobilisation can be immobilised quickly and conveniently from any internet enabled PC or smart device. Company administrators simply log in to the Crystal Ball admin portal or Manager App and select the device that requires immobilising.

  • Can additional immobilisation be added?

    Yes, FleetTracker’s Driver ID immobilisation feature requires drivers to apply their uniquely coded dallas key to the vehicle before the ignition will activate. This adds an additional level of security and ensures only employees with correctly coded dallas keys will be able to start the vehicle ignition.


What our clients say

Kirsty Cowie

Service Manager, RSL

Crystal Ball has offered a tailored solution which has a very good service team behind it. If I have any problems they are always there to help. Both the front and back end support you get with Crystal Ball makes it a very good total solution to have.

Andy Pears

Welding Manager, Weld-A-Rail

We recently had two vehicles stolen within three days of each other. Using Crystal Ball, I was able to immediately locate the vehicles, which were parked two miles from where they were stolen. I was then able to phone the police and get the vehicles recovered and repaired.

Steve Potter

Transport Manager, ThyssenKrupp

Our main reasons for employing tracking were the traceability issues, keeping an eye on deliveries and the security factors. But Crystal Ball has given us so much more than that. We’ve made savings everywhere, and I wouldn’t want to run this fleet without it now.

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