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How our Lone Worker Protection App works

Crystal Ball’s lone worker solution is designed to be the most convenient and comprehensive way to maintain the safety of your lone workers.

Unlike other lone worker solutions on the market, our MobileLWP system does not require any additional devices to monitor your employees. They’ll simply need to download the app, which will then use their phone’s mobile signal to transmit location data, alerts, and essential communications between employees, managers, and the alarm receiving centre.

With this efficient lone worker protection system, employees will be able to instantly check in and communicate any problems, helping managers and emergency services respond rapidly and appropriately.

Fleet managers can choose between our two lone worker protection solutions: Mobile LWP and Mobile Rescue. The MobileLWP solution is designed to protect workers while on duty through live location tracking, an intuitive panic alarm, timed welfare sessions, and frequent safety alerts.

The Mobile Rescue app offers a more comprehensive solution to improving lone worker safety, with additional features including access to a 24/7 alarm receiving centre, monitoring centre, and historical event call recordings. Organisations that operate under more risk adverse conditions will benefit from implementing this more thorough lone worker solution.

Features of our Lone Worker Protection App

Benefits of the Lone Worker Protection App

  • Added peace of mind. With our Lone Worker solution, employers and fleet managers can rest assured knowing that their employees will be able to easily raise an alert regarding any risks while at work. This alert will then be received by authorised administrators as well as a 24/7 alarm receiving centre, so any of your employees’ concerns will be heard, recorded, and attended to immediately.
  • Enhanced worker safety. Crystal Ball’s Lone Worker Protection App is designed to help protect your workers at all times, especially those who work in more hazardous environments. With regular welfare checks, intuitive alert systems, and open lines of communication, workers will be able to receive assistance as quickly as possible.
  • Automated protection system. The MobileLWP system’s automatic check in and alarm system makes strengthening worker safety a much more efficient process. With this automated protection system, managers won’t have to worry about manually checking in on their workers on a regular basis. Instead, they’ll be able to focus their time and energy on providing rapid assistance when needed and improving workplace safety strategies.
  • Proactive protection strategy. Our lone worker solution offers a full view of each worker’s whereabouts and conditions at all times, which can be easily monitored through the app. By implementing our MobileLWP solution, employers will be able to offer a more proactive approach to lone worker protection rather than a reactive one as they’ll be able to contact emergency services and provide aid faster.
  • Compliance with lone worker regulations. Managers have a legal duty and responsibility to the safety of their workers, especially lone workers. With our lone worker app, employers can be assured that their safety and protection strategies are in line with the UK’s current lone worker regulations.
  • BS8484 compliant. Crystal Ball’s mobile Lone Worker Protection (MobileLWP) is tested to BS8484, meaning that you can be assured that you lone workers are getting exceptional protection. Workers will be monitored in line with the latest legislation.
Benefits of the Lone Worker Protection App

Who uses the Lone Worker Protection App?

A large range of industries can benefit from using the Lone Worker Protection App, including:

Field service workers

  • Field service workers, such as technicians, engineers, and maintenance workers, are often required to work on-site and in potentially hazardous environments. The Lone Worker Protection App will provide an added layer of safety by providing managers with the ability to monitor their movements. At the same time, employees will also be able to communicate any risks and immediately receive the necessary aid.
Field service workers

Utility and infrastructure workers

  • Organisations that operate in utility sectors such as electricity, gas, and water, often send out lone workers to deal with isolated or hazardous conditions. The Lone Worker Protection App ensures that these workers can promptly seek assistance as soon as they encounter any issues or dangers on shift. Workers that are sent out during odd hours in the day will also be able to communicate any risks thanks to the 24/7 alarm receiving and monitoring centre.
Utility and infrastructure workers

Transportation & delivery drivers

  • Companies that operate large fleets of transport and delivery vehicles will also benefit from implementing our lone worker protection solution. Drivers operating in this industry can be exposed to different environments and potential risks while on the road. With the lone worker app, employees can stay connected and quickly call for assistance as soon as possible.
Transportation & delivery drivers

Lone Worker Protection Solutions Compared

Mobile LWP vs Mobile Rescue

Mobile LWP

  • Live Location Updates
  • Mobile Phone App with Panic Alarm
  • Timed Welfare Sessions
  • Event Audit Log
  • System, Email & Call Alerts
  • Self Managed Solution
  • All lone worker functionality included

Mobile Rescue

  • 24/7 Monitoring Centre
  • Selected Features of MobileLWP
  • Monitoring by BS5979 Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Access to ARC’s event call recordings
  • Access to ARC’s Reporting Dashboard
  • Professionally Managed Solution
  • 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Available to download on Google Play

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Lone Worker Protection FAQs

  • What’s the difference between the MobileLWP and Mobile Rescue solutions?

    The key difference between the two lone worker solutions is the level of protection they each offer. The MobileLWP is an excellent solution for organisations that are looking to implement a lone worker protection system. It provides all the necessary features needed to protect workers while they are on shift, including real-time location data, timed welfare sessions, panic alarms, and automatic safety alerts.

    The Mobile Rescue app offers more comprehensive features that provide a higher level of worker protection. Alongside the MobileLWP’s capabilities, the Mobile Rescue app also includes access to a 24/7 alarm receiving centre, a monitoring centre, a reporting dashboard, and historical communications data for a more detailed protection system.

    If your organisation operates in more hazardous environments, we recommend using our Mobile Rescue app for more immediate and around-the-clock assistance in the case of an accident.

  • Can the LWP app be integrated with Crystal Ball’s other solutions?

    Both the MobileLWP and Mobile Rescue app have been designed to integrate seamlessly with all of our vehicle and worker tracking solutions. For an all-inclusive employee monitoring system, we recommend pairing our lone worker app with our vehicle tracking and dash cam systems.

    In doing so, managers will be able to streamline data flow and provide a comprehensive view of fleet operations and safety measures.

  • Is the Lone Worker Protection app compliant with all industry regulations?

    Crystal Ball’s lone worker protection solution has been tested according to the BS8484, which is the British industry standard for providers of lone working safety services. Through implementing the MobileLWP, employers can ensure their workers are monitored and protected in line with current UK lone worker legislation.

What our clients say

John Everett

Service Unit Office, Havering London Borough

As a department we wanted to ensure we were complying with legislation. We required a smartphone application for convenience and location accuracy and Crystal Ball fitted the bill. Management now has complete peace of mind and can rest assured knowing adequate processes are in place in the event of an emergency. It has also impacted our officers - making them feel safer and reassured.

Darryl Smith

General Manager, Co-operative Funeralcare

Crystal Ball’s lone worker protection solution has offered peace of mind to all our staff and the management at The Co-operative Funeralcare. It has also addressed relevant health and safety legislations and made our organisation more compliant.

Lynne Herbert

CEO, Dewis Centre for Independent Living

We have used Crystal ball for our lone workers for at least 10 years now. A panic alert can be sent back to the office if faced with a challenging situation and it helps keep a track of where the lone workers are and if they fail to cancel their welfare at the end of a meeting, alerting us to the fact there may be a problem. It gives the company and the lone workers a certain amount of peace of mind, that they are being cared for whilst away from the office.

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