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What does MobileLWP include?

Why Do I Need Lone Worker Protection?

  • Peace of mind. We understand the importance of lone worker protection. Our industry-renowned lone worker safety monitoring application safeguards the welfare of you lone workers, whilst also helping for Health & Safety legislation. With our smartphone app, your lone workers can:
  • Raise a Panic Alarm with a discrete button press
  • Place themselves into a Welfare Session
  • Start welfare sessions with the simple tap on an NFC tag (optional)
  • Set their own Timed Welfare Check-in intervals
  • Crystal Ball’s mobile Lone Worker Protection (MobileLWP) is tested to BS8484, meaning that you can be assured that you lone workers are getting exceptional protection. Workers will be monitored in line with the latest legislation.
Why Do I Need Lone Worker Protection?
  • Pro-active rather than Re-active. You need to stay ahead of the game when protecting your lone workers. That’s why unlike most lone worker safety systems, MobileLWP uses pro-active triggers to alert when a lone worker fails to check in, alerting your administrators instantaneously. Our lone worker app provides:
  • Audio & visual alert displays on screen to monitoring team.
  • Email alerts to designated recipients immediately that are viewable on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • The lone worker app automatically dials a preset emergency number so monitoring teams can instantly & effectively listen in and respond accordingly.
  • The lone worker app automatically sends an SMS message with location details.
  • Self-monitor or outsource to a BS5979 Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC – use highly trained staff to manage emergency situations and liaise directly with the emergency services).

Lone Worker Protection Solutions Compared

Mobile LWP vs Mobile Rescue

Mobile LWP

  • Live Location Updates
  • Mobile Phone App with Panic Alarm
  • Timed Welfare Sessions
  • Event Audit Log
  • System, Email & Call Alerts
  • Self Managed Solution
  • All lone worker functionality included

Mobile Rescue

  • 24/7 Monitoring Centre
  • Selected Features of MobileLWP
  • Monitoring by BS5979 Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Access to ARC’s event call recordings
  • Access to ARC’s Reporting Dashboard
  • Professionally Managed Solution
  • 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Available to download on Google Play

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Lone Worker Protection FAQs

  • What is a Lone Worker Timed Welfare Session?

    Our timed routine welfare check-in sessions (RWC) are our pro-active approach to lone worker protection and monitoring. A lone worker will place themselves into an RWC session on the lone worker app by choosing a set time which they need to check-in by to tell the monitoring team that they are ok. If the lone worker fails to check in once set the clock counts down and the timer runs out, then an alarm is automatically raised.


  • How does MobileLWP’s Panic Alarm work?

    Panic alarms are raised on our lone worker app with a discreet and simple press on a set button (usually volume or standby buttons) on the lone worker’s smartphone. This will then automatically raise an alarm to head office via our web-based monitoring portal with the name, location and time of the alert. It will also dial an emergency telephone number (set by the company or lone worker) so that they can listen into the situation and understand the severity.


  • Is your lone worker protection solution BS8484 accredited?

    We regularly test our solutions against the latest mobile smartphone handsets and have a list of recommended handsets that have been tested and approved to the lone working British Standard 8484 accreditation. If you wish to check if your handset is compatible with MobileLWP and BS8484 then please contact us here.

What our clients say

John Everett

Service Unit Office, Havering London Borough

As a department we wanted to ensure we were complying with legislation. We required a smartphone application for convenience and location accuracy and Crystal Ball fitted the bill. Management now has complete peace of mind and can rest assured knowing adequate processes are in place in the event of an emergency. It has also impacted our officers - making them feel safer and reassured.

Darryl Smith

General Manager, Co-operative Funeralcare

Crystal Ball’s lone worker protection solution has offered peace of mind to all our staff and the management at The Co-operative Funeralcare. It has also addressed relevant health and safety legislations and made our organisation more compliant.

Lynne Herbert

CEO, Dewis Centre for Independent Living

We have used Crystal ball for our lone workers for at least 10 years now. A panic alert can be sent back to the office if faced with a challenging situation and it helps keep a track of where the lone workers are and if they fail to cancel their welfare at the end of a meeting, alerting us to the fact there may be a problem. It gives the company and the lone workers a certain amount of peace of mind, that they are being cared for whilst away from the office.

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