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How Truck Tracking Works

We will install a GPS tracker in your vehicle which allows us to accurately pinpoint your vehicle. Our telematics device also feeds back vehicle data allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Our GPS tracker uses a SIM card which sends data via a mobile network for constant and instant updates.

With our truck tracking solution, you can set up geofences and receive alerts if a truck strays off course or enters a restricted or chargeable area. Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker also provides driver behaviour monitoring and analysis, enabling you to improve safety, reduce wear and tear on your lorries, and optimise fuel consumption. Whether you operate a large fleet of trucks or just a few, our tracking solution is fully configurable to meet your business needs. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to track and manage your lorries from anywhere, giving you complete visibility and control over your fleet’s movements and performance.

Benefits of Truck Tracking

Whether your company uses trucks, lorries, or HGVs, GPS fleet tracking offers a range of benefits that can help lead to an overall better service and customer and employee experience.

For a complete list of features, download our Fleet Vehicle Tracker Guide

Features of our Lorry/HGV/Truck Tracking Solution

Our end-to-end truck tracking, lorry tracking and HGV tracking solutions offer a range of features to help streamline any and all business operations. These features include:

Who Uses Lorry/HGV/Truck Tracking?

Many different companies and businesses use lorries, HGVs and trucks and as such, can benefit from the many features offered for a GPS tracking solution. These types of business can include:

Haulage, logistics and delivery companies

  • Fleet tracking is essential for logistics, haulage, and delivery companies to ensure timely delivery of goods and services. With GPS tracking devices installed in each vehicle, businesses can monitor their fleet, know the exact location of their vehicles, and identify the best route for each delivery. This leads to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, as well as better management of the entire fleet.  
Haulage, logistics and delivery companies

Construction and heavy equipment companies

  • Construction and heavy equipment companies use fleet tracking to manage their vehicles and machinery, ensuring that they are used efficiently and maintained properly. GPS tracking devices allow for easy monitoring of each vehicle, tracking of its movements, and analysis of fuel usage, which helps in identifying ways to improve operations and reduce costs. Additionally, with geofencing and asset management features, businesses can ensure that their equipment is not stolen or used without authorisation.
Construction and heavy equipment companies

Oil and gas industry companies

  • Oil and gas is often transported in trucks, and for many of these companies, truck tracking is essential. Oil and gas is an expensive product and is transported in extremely large quantities, making vehicle tracking an absolute necessity.
Oil and gas industry companies

Retail and e-commerce businesses

  • Truck tracking is essential for retail and e-commerce businesses to ensure timely and efficient delivery of their products to customers. With GPS tracking devices installed in each vehicle, businesses can monitor their trucks in real-time, track the movements of their vehicles, and identify the best route to take for each delivery. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced fuel costs, and better fleet management.
Retail and e-commerce businesses

What our clients say

Brian Wright

CEO, Primo Drinks

The driving data and imagery recorded by Crystal Ball is precise and verifiable. One incident alone has paid for fitting the tracking and camera system to the entire fleet.

Terry Naisbitt

Fleet Manager, Durham City Transport

We've been with Crystal Ball for over 8 years now, great company to work with and the staff are always available to help with anything we need. We have just renewed our contract and again are very happy with the service, I would highly recommend them.

Andy Pears

Welding Manager, Weld-A-Rail

We recently had two vehicles stolen within three days of each other. Using Crystal Ball, I was able to immediately locate the vehicles, which were parked two miles from where they were stolen. I was then able to phone the police and get the vehicles recovered and repaired.

Lorry/HGV/Truck Tracking Tracking FAQs

  • What is telematics?

    Telematics refers to the use of telecommunications and information technology to transmit, receive and store information about vehicles and their movements. Telematics involves the integration of wireless communications, GPS technology, and onboard computer systems to monitor and track vehicles, as well as provide various services and applications such as remote diagnostics and fleet management.

  • Does our tracker work with other vehicles?

    Yes, we have not limited our tracker to work solely with lorries, HGVs and trucks. You can use our tracking device with a range of different vehicles from vans, bikes and motorcycles, and trailers. No matter the type of vehicle, business or purpose you have in mind, our GPS tracking system offers a range of solutions for you.

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