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What is The Driver Behaviour Monitoring System?

  • FleetTracker’s Driver Behaviour uses a combination of real-time data and accelerometer feedback to create reports on driver characteristics
  • Management can utilise the reports to make informed decisions and improve driver behaviour, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear
  • In-cab driver behaviour aids immediately improve driving styles by warning the driver with an audible buzzer when braking, accelerating or cornering too harshly
  • Driver league table showcases driver performance data and incentivises better driving.
What is The Driver Behaviour Monitoring System?

Benefits of Driver Behaviour Monitoring for Fleet Managers

  • Improves public and driver safety – eradicating unsafe driving behaviour such as harsh braking, unsafe manoeuvres, speeding, and general poor driving, resulting in fewer road traffic incidents, violations, and fines.
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance costs – fewer speeding instances and improvements in driver behaviour reduces wear and tear.
  • Reduces fuel costs – a reduction in harsh acceleration, braking, and idling also improves fuel efficiency, while the driver monitoring system allows fleet managers to better monitor fuel waste from inefficient driving practices.
  • Identify and reward careful driving – driver league tables give fleet managers instant visibility over driver behaviour, enabling them to identify and reward careful driving and manage and improve dangerous driving.
Benefits of Driver Behaviour Monitoring for Fleet Managers

How the Driver Monitoring System Works

Driver behaviour monitoring is an optional add-on for our vehicle GPS tracking solution. Using the GPS data, the driver monitoring systems record and analyse metrics including the driver’s speed, harsh braking, cornering, and more. Within the vehicle tracking software, fleet managers can see overall fleet performance data at a glance, as well as each individual driver safety score and the best and worst driver rankings.

Additionally, the driver monitoring devices include an in-cab alert system that gives individual drivers real-time feedback on their driving style. The audible buzzer is activated by harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering, encouraging drivers to exhibit safe driving behaviour.

Fleet managers can access driver behaviour data using FleetTracker’s user-friendly dashboard. They can also customise the driver monitoring system by setting their own parameters and thresholds for driver performance evaluation.

Driver Behaviour FAQs

  • Why do I need Driver Behaviour?

    Driver Behaviour is an important FleetTracker feature if you wish to keep fuel costs low and improve driver safety. Driver Behaviour allows management to make informed decisions and improve poor driving habits based on driver behaviour analytics including harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and exceeding road speed limit instances. Changing employees’ driving styles can result in long term benefits such as reduced fuel consumption, reduced wear and tear to company vehicles and improvements in driver safety.

  • Does the driver behaviour monitoring system offer in-cab aids?

    Yes, Driver Behaviour offers an additional Driver Behaviour Aid feature, an audible buzzer located within the vehicle, warning the driver of harsh acceleration, braking and cornering instances. This results in an improved driving style as it prompts the employee to drive carefully and economically.

  • Can driver league tables be created?

    Yes, the dashboard within the Crystal Ball admin portal can be configured to show driver league tables. This gives each driver a score and rating, listing the ‘top drivers’ and ‘bottom drivers’. From this data, management is able to identify careful and poor driving and reward or manage drivers accordingly.

  • What’s the ROI for using a driver behaviour monitoring system?

    While the ROI will vary between different fleets and organisations, investing in a driver behaviour monitoring system often results in a positive ROI. This is due to the various benefits, such as reduced accidents, lower fuel consumption, and improved operational efficiency, leading to cost savings and increased profitability for fleet managers. Choosing the Driver Behaviour system means gaining better fleet data and greater visibility which supports your company’s financial success.

What our clients say

Steve Brace

Director, KSC Carpets

Speeding has been drastically reduced by at least 90%. We are now checking speeds on a daily basis which has resulted in very minimal speeding. Before we installed Crystal Ball the drivers were speeding every day, now we are rarely having this issue.

Stuart Simcox

Financial Director, C Hanlon

I use the Crystal Ball system to pull off monthly reports to understand who the best driver is and who’s driving needs to be modified.

Dave Leigh

Transport Manager, Vitafoam

Utilising the analytics feature has been beneficial as I can now look at harsh breaking and acceleration and create alarms to notify me of this. This is better for us as it improves driver safety while reducing unnecessary fuel consumption!

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