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How Motorbike Tracking Works

After installing a small SIM card-enabled tracker in the motorbike, the device transmits the GPS location over the mobile phone network. This allows you to see the movements and details of each individual bike and rider in real time using your web browser or app on your smartphone.

Details from the tracker can be viewed on a map or in configurable custom reports, allowing for easier analysis. You can easily share location information gathered by the tracker with relevant third parties such as delivery recipients to provide better customer service. Plus, you can even set custom alerts and alarms to be triggered when certain parameters are met, for example a rider passing a geofence zone, a period of idling, or unauthorised movements.


Benefits of Motorbike Tracking

For organisations with a fleet of motorbikes, bike tracking is key to boosting efficiency, saving money, and keeping customers happy. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of thousands of vehicles or just a handful of motorcycles – GPS tracking allows you to make the most of your assets. Crystal Ball’s GPS trackers and intuitive dashboards are essential tools for any business to track their motorcycle fleet.

Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker offers a wide range of benefits for companies of all sizes that use bikes or motorcycles in their operations.

For a complete list of features, download our Fleet Vehicle Tracker Guide

Features of our Bike Tracking Solution

FleetTracker offers a range of features for tracking bikes and motorcycles, optimising routes, and generating powerful reports and analytics.

Who Uses Bike Tracking?

Bike and motorcycle tracking is used by a range of different business types, ranging from small startups to global enterprises.

Delivery services

  • GPS trackers are crucial for delivery companies to optimise delivery routes, provide up-to-date delivery time estimates to customers, and streamline journeys. For delivery drivers using motorcycles and bikes, trackers help monitor and improve delivery processes while also reducing the risk of theft while deliveries are being made.  
Delivery services

Bike rental companies

  • Rental companies use GPS trackers to keep tabs on asset location and status and ensure that bikes are returned on time. Helping ensure that bikes are in the right place at the right time, trackers help provide better and more reliable customer service while also reducing theft and loss of vehicles.
Bike rental companies

Law enforcement

  • Trackers on motorbikes help law enforcement agencies shorten response times and keep the public safe. With GPS trackers, they can better dispatch the closest available individual for efficient incident response times. Plus, the tracking device promotes safe driving and monitors officer behaviour, improving the safety of all on the road.
Law enforcement

Motorcycle dealerships and manufacturers

  • Motorcycle dealers and manufacturers may use GPS to track the location and status of vehicles, reducing theft or loss of bikes. Real-time tracking and heartbeat location updates keep all vehicles clearly located on the map, even when they are not in use.
Motorcycle dealerships and manufacturers

What our clients say

Steve Brace

Director, KSC Carpets

Speeding has been drastically reduced by at least 90%. We are now checking speeds on a daily basis which has resulted in very minimal speeding. Before we installed Crystal Ball the drivers were speeding every day, now we are rarely having this issue.

Stuart Simcox

Financial Director, C Hanlon

I would recommend Crystal Ball to similar businesses, having 3 different solutions in one place is much easier than jumping in and out of different systems.

Steve Potter

Transport Manager, ThyssenKrupp

Our main reasons for employing tracking were the traceability issues, keeping an eye on deliveries and the security factors. But Crystal Ball has given us so much more than that. We’ve made savings everywhere, and I wouldn’t want to run this fleet without it now.

Motorbike Tracking FAQs

  • How do I access tracking data?

    All GPS tracking and diagnostic information is sent from the tracker via the mobile network using the tracking device’s SIM card. You can access the information using your web browser or an app on your smartphone or tablet. With a range of features including map geosearch, journey playback, and an ‘at a glance’ tracker dashboard, you can view all tracking information in the way that works best for you.

  • How accurate are GPS trackers for motorcycles?

    Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker GPS is extremely accurate and can locate vehicles within a few metres.

  • Are GPS trackers easy to install on bikes and motorbikes?

    Crystal Ball’s qualified engineers and autoelectricians can install the GPS trackers on your motorcycles quickly and accurately. The GPS trackers we use are small and discreet so are perfect for smaller vehicles.

  • Are motorcycle trackers suited to SMEs?

    Absolutely. While there’s a common misconception that telematics are only for big businesses with massive fleets of vehicles, GPS trackers are just as valuable in smaller businesses. Providing opportunities to boost efficiency, improve safety, and reduce theft, GPS trackers are a great way to maximise the value of your assets in smaller businesses and startups.

  • Can FleetTracker be used to track other vehicles?

    Yes, our tracker can be used with lorries, HGVs, and trucks, vans, cars, and trailers.

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