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Future Proof Your Fleet Tracking With 4G

From vehicle tracking systems to dash cams and mobile apps, we offer a complete suite of tools for fleet management.

Improve fleet performance    Future-proof your fleet
Boost road safety for everyone

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Our telematics and fleet management software is trusted by thousands of SME's & local government

Crystal Ball’s cloud-based telematics solution integrates vehicle tracking, 4G dash cams and lone worker protection apps to streamline and future-proof your fleet tracking.

Monitor drivers, offer incentives and analyse trends with our Vehicle & Fleet Tracking, Mobile Tracking and fully integrated 4G Dash Cam systems.

Use telematics to save on costs

  • Reduce fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, accident rates and insurance premiums by using Crystal Ball’s vehicle tracking and 4G fleet dash cam systems.
  • Gain total visibility while on-the-go: Our Manager App brings all the data and insights from the Crystal Ball fleet management software to your mobile phone in an easy-to-use app. With employee and vehicle tracking available on-the-go, you can gain all the visibility you need over your fleet.
Use <strong>telematics</strong> to save on costs

FleetTracker league tables improve driver behaviour

  • Our fleet tracking systems and fully integrated 4G Dash Cams will help you to optimise operating costs and improve safety by analysing and tackling driver behaviour. Our Vehicle Tracking systems & Driver App use key performance indicators such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling to help you analyse your workforce’s driving.
  • Drivers can even track their own performance and scores every day via the Driver App to encourage improvement and engagement.
  • Effortless compliance with Direct Vision Standard: Our DVS Safety System includes cameras and sensor systems, audible warnings, visible warning stickers, and more to get your vehicles ready for safe driving in Greater London.
<b>FleetTracker league tables improve driver behaviour</b>

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are telematics?

    Telematics technology combines telecommunications and informatics to transmit and receive data from vehicles. Telematics systems play a crucial role in fleet management by enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, enabling efficient fleet operations.

    A telematics device is installed in your vehicle by Crystal Ball’s expert auto engineers, which  will then transmit information and data to your fleet management software and mobile app. 

  • How can a vehicle tracking system benefit fleet managers?

    A vehicle tracking system allows fleet managers to monitor their vehicles in real-time, enabling them to optimise routes, improve fuel efficiency, enhance driver safety, and reduce operational costs. The telematics software provides valuable insights into fleet performance and enables effective decision-making. No matter what type of fleet you manage — company cars, delivery motorbikes, or vans or HGVs for transport and logistics — telematics-enabled fleet management software can help provide the total visibility and insights you need.


    Visit our guide for a full look at the long list of benefits of fleet management software

  • Can vehicle tracking improve the security of your vehicles?

    Yes, we offer various options to keep your vehicles safe and secure. Our vehicle telematics product includes real-time tracking and hourly system heartbeat alerts when the vehicle is not in journey, allowing you to keep track of the GPS location and reduce the risk of vehicles being stolen. You can even add on remote immobilisation features to your tracker, allowing you to prevent the vehicle being moved by unauthorised persons.


    We also provide Thatcham-approved trackers for keeping track of your vehicles and keeping your insurance premiums low. 

  • How does Crystal Ball’s vehicle tracking and fleet management software work?

    After installing GPS enabled trackers in each fleet vehicle, you can capture and analyse real-time telematics data on fleet movements, geofences, driver behaviour, and more. The tracker uses GPS to accurately pinpoint the location of the vehicle and transmits the information via the cellular network. Fleet managers can access the fleet management system’s intuitive dashboard showing real-time maps and vehicle information via their internet browser. 


    The fleet management software includes powerful analytics capabilities that enable fleet managers to analyse the collected data and generate insightful reports. These reports can provide valuable insights into driver performance, fuel efficiency, route optimisation, and overall fleet productivity.


    The fleet management software also can generate real-time alerts based on predefined parameters and events. Fleet managers can receive notifications for speeding, excessive idling, unauthorised vehicle use, and other customisable alerts. 

  • Why integrate 4G dash cams into your fleet tracking system?

    Integrating 4G dash cams into fleet tracking systems offers numerous benefits for fleet management. Firstly, the presence of 4G cameras contributes to a reduction in accident rates. The visibility provided by these cameras can act as a deterrent, encouraging drivers to exercise caution and adhere to road safety regulations. 


    These advanced cameras also provide real-time video recording of events, allowing fleet managers to have visual documentation of incidents on the road. The footage captured by the dash cams can be invaluable in determining fault or liability in case of accidents or disputes.


    In addition to event recording, the integration of dash cams assists in driver behaviour analysis. Fleet managers can review the recorded footage to monitor and evaluate driver performance, identifying areas that require improvement or training. By analysing factors such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, or aggressive cornering, fleet managers can provide targeted coaching and incentivise safe driving practices among their drivers.

    Find out more about why you should install an integrated vehicle tracking dash cam. 

  • Can Crystal Ball’s telematics system be customised for different types of vehicles?

    Crystal Ball’s telematics offering caters to various types of vehicles, including cars, HGVs, lorries, vans, motorcycles, and trailers. We offer specific trackers and devices designed to meet the tracking and management needs of each vehicle category.

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