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Why Choose Vehicle Checklists with Crystal Ball SmartCam?

At Crystal Ball, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and compliance of your company vehicles. That’s why we offer the Vehicle Checklist, a health check inspection tool designed specifically for company vehicles. This is a solution that comes as a part of our HGV, Lorry, Truck and Van 4G Dashcam, offering drivers an easy way to conduct vehicle inspections. Carry out vehicle health checks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and create a fully customisable checklist.

Our cloud-based vehicle tracking solution integrates seamlessly with our dash cam solution, providing a comprehensive tool to keep your fleet safe and compliant. Photos can be taken and uploaded in real-time to support vehicle inspections. Eliminate the need for manual paper trails as your driver carries out and reports checks through their smartphone.

Ensuring your vehicles are in good condition is an essential part of effective fleet management. With our Vehicle Checklist, you can perform a thorough inspection of all essential components of your vehicles. From the exhaust to the mirrors, tyre pressure, lights, brakes, and more, our checklist covers it all. Ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is road safe and compliant while streamlining your operations with Crystal Ball’s comprehensive inspection process.

Vehicle Checklist Benefits

  • Integration with Dash Cam Solution: Our Vehicle Checklist seamlessly integrates with our dash cam solution, providing a unified platform for fleet management. Should any issues be identified during the inspection, our Driver App allows you to record and report them quickly and seamlessly. This integration simplifies the process of maintaining vehicle safety records and streamlines your fleet management operations.
  • Easy to use: Vehicle inspection is made easy with our checklist. Crystal Ball’s intuitive Driver App is designed to be easy to navigate, helping drivers to record their daily vehicle inspection quickly and effectively to help them get on the road as soon as possible. 
  • Enhanced Safety: A vehicle checklist solution enhances safety as it ensures that vehicles are regularly inspected by employees, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. A daily checklist also brings peace of mind to your drivers as it indicates that inspections are being carried out on a regular, consistent basis. 
Vehicle Checklist Benefits

Improved Compliance & Efficiency

  • Compliance with Regulations: Avoid unnecessary penalties, fines and legal issues by carrying out routine safety checks. Companies can ensure consistent compliance with local and industry-specific regulations with ease.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular vehicle inspections help identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. Identify issues with engines, brakes, tyres and more which then helps to reduce vehicle breakdowns and minimise costs. 
  • Improved Fleet Efficiency: Implementing a vehicle checklist solution streamlines fleet management processes by providing a standardised and efficient way to monitor the condition of each vehicle. It enables timely maintenance, reduces downtime, and enhances overall fleet productivity. 
Improved Compliance & Efficiency

Ready to enhance the safety and compliance of your fleet? Get Started with Crystal Ball’s Vehicle Checklist by booking a demo with our friendly team to learn more.

Vehicle Checklist Features

  • Customisable Checklist: Fleet managers can completely customise their inspection checklist to include everything they need to check before your drivers hit the road. Whether you want your drivers to inspect fuel levels or conduct tyre checks, engine checks, brake checks, windshield wiper checks, it’s all available at your fingertips. Having a personalised vehicle inspection checklist enhances safety, efficiency and peace of mind. Avoid unnecessary repairs with ease and ensure your vehicles are in tip top condition at all times. Create and customise inspection templates based on specific vehicle types, industry regulations, and company requirements, which helps fleet managers better evaluate their vehicles condition.
  • Previous Inspection Checklists are Stored: Not only does our vehicle checklist solution allow employees to upload checks in real time, but they can also access the last three checklists that were submitted. This historical data is particularly useful should they need to present this to the authorities on the side of the road. System administrators / Fleet Managers can also access previously completed defect reports via the online portal, and can mark each check once the defect has been rectified.
Vehicle Checklist Features

Mobile-friendly alerts and functionalities

  • Real-time Notifications and Alerts: Instant notifications are sent to designated personnel or fleet managers when a critical issue or defect is identified during the inspection, ensuring that the issue can be quickly resolved. 
  • Photo Capture: When performing a visual inspection, you may notice something that doesn’t appear on the checklist itself. This is always possible, and in the event of this you can simply take a photo and immediately upload it along with your vehicle inspection checklist. 
Mobile-friendly alerts and functionalities

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