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Trojan Crates

Based in Aberdeen, Trojan Crates Ltd is a family-owned business established in 1979. Trojan Crates provides timber crating and custom packing solutions to the North Sea and International Oil and Gas, Subsea and Freight Forwarding Industries.

Project Info

Established in 1979, Trojan Crates is a specialist in custom packing solutions for the International Oil and Gas, Freight and Subsea industries. Offering cost effective specific solutions, Trojan Crates ensures safe and secure protection for their client’s valuable items.

Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50.

Kevin Morrison

Operations Director

Products Used

  • Vehicle Tracking

trojan crates van

The Challenges

In 2013, Trojan Crates was visited by its mobile service and website design suppliers, DF Communications, certified partner for Crystal Ball solutions.

During the meeting, Kevin Morrison, Operations Director at Trojan Crates, raised concerns regarding increasing vehicles costs, particularly relating to fuel usage. After hearing these concerns, DF Communications suggested it would be beneficial to introduce Crystal Ball’s vehicle tracking solution, FleetTracker. Craig Forsyth, Sales Director at DF Communications, believed this would tackle Trojan Crates’ concerns and fit perfectly with its requirements and the nature of the business.

The Solution

Following an on-site web demonstration of Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker product, Trojan Crates decided to trial the solution on a short-term basis.
Subsequently, convinced that Crystal Ball would help address its concerns, Trojan Crates implemented FleetTracker across its whole fleet of vehicles in May 2013.

With FleetTracker in situ, the company can now effectively monitor its vehicle costs and track the locations of its fleet in real time 24/7. The additional bolt-on of Driver Behaviour has further enabled management to monitor driving standards with detailed reporting of speeding violations, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering instances.

The Outcome

Since the implementation of Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker, Trojan Crates has seen significant reductions in its annual vehicle costs.
Kevin Morrison, Operations Director at Trojan Crates, is very impressed with the savings he has seen:

“Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50. I believe better driving standards have contributed to these savings, since the trackers have been fitted I have noticed an overall improvement in driver behaviour.”

The cost savings for the business do not stop there, as Kevin explains:

“The reports I am getting at the moment for the end-of-year financials would suggest there has been a reduction in repair costs. I would suggest this is most probably due to less wear and tear on the vehicles as a result of having Crystal Ball.”

Employing FleetTracker has also smoothed out internal procedures by providing the company with an efficient and reliable customer service tool.
Kevin Morrison comments:

“Crystal Ball is a great customer service tool. Two of our vehicles are in constant use out on deliveries, and therefore it is very handy for our production managers to have visibility of where the guys are. We can now efficiently inform customers of ETA’s, something which could not be achieved before implementing Crystal Ball.”

Crystal Ball has also been beneficial in resolving disputes, snail-trail location data can now be utilised, if necessary, to resolve claims against drivers. Kevin adds:

“We had an incident recently whereby a member of the public made a complaint against one of our drivers. Using Crystal Ball we were able to understand where he was at that time, and the nature of his driving, which did not match the complaint. If we did not have this data the driver may have been falsely accused and wrongly disciplined for an offence he did not commit.”

Additional Comments

These unexpected benefits gained by using Crystal Ball have impressed the management team at Trojan Crates. Kevin says he is impressed with the entire Crystal Ball implementation:

“We bought Crystal Ball to do one thing, reduce fuel costs, and it has done way beyond that. It has made the business more efficient, made the transport side of the business more cost-effective, and it has sharpened up our workforce in terms of how they treat the vehicles and how they drive, the vehicles are looked after much better now.”

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