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What Does FleetTracker Include?

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What our clients say

Terry Naisbitt

Fleet Manager, Durham City Transport

We've been with Crystal Ball for over 8 years now, great company to work with and the staff are always available to help with anything we need. We have just renewed our contract and again are very happy with the service, I would highly recommend them.

Dafydd James

Commercial Director, Metro Rod South East Wales

We have been using Crystal Ball for the last three years and have recently committed for another 2 years - we have been really pleased with the system. We have recently changed to their latest forward and driver facing dash cams and tracking software and have been incredibly impressed with its ease of use and functionality. The integrated app is excellent and is very user-friendly. We have also found their driver behavior system a very useful tool when assessing the driving habits of our employees. We would not hesitate recommending Crystal Ball to others.

Harry McSweeney

Contract Manager, Abbey Roofing

Crystal ball are an excellent company, their vehicle tracking system is great for what we need it for. When we have had questions and needed advice, their response has been instant. Our account manager has been particularly good, very informative and excellent communicator, they explained the system and how to get the best results from it. I would highly recommend Crystal Ball as a company.

Fleet Tracker FAQs

  • How does vehicle tracking work?

    Vehicle tracking works by transmitting GPS location and engine activity data stored in a GPS tracking unit installed in the vehicle. The data is sent via a SIM card housed securely in the unit using a mobile phone network to the tracking providers data servers. The data is then either provided as live tracking information on a map interface or downloaded in report format.

  • Can I track my vehicles in real-time?

    Yes, unlike some vehicle tracking units that require you to download the data once the vehicle has returned back to your offices each day. Crystal Ball’s GPS fleet tracking solution transfers the data to our web based portal in real-time, so you can view the information as it comes in.

  • How often do your vehicle trackers update?

    To provide greater visibility, our truck, HGV and van vehicle tracking systems updates in a number of ways. Unlike most GPS fleet tracking solutions we measure changes in three key areas:

    • Time
    • Distance Travelled
    • Change in heading

    Finally, the vehicle tracking unit transmits hourly updates when a vehicle is not in journey.

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