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Loy Surveys

Loy Surveys can now ensure the safety and welfare of their staff when working in isolated environments throughout day and night with Crystal Ball's Lone Worker Protection.

Project Info

Loy Surveys are a recognised Chartered Land Surveyors who specialise in laser scanning, topographical surveys and building information modelling.

Established since 1985 they have completed over 10,000 surveys throughout the UK and overseas for a diverse customer base.

It was vital to have a safety plan in place for our surveyors who work alone on sites.

Amy Sayer

Office Coordinator

Products Used

Smart-Devices Used

  • Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Loy surveys

The Challenges

At Loy Surveys there are a number of lone working surveyors who operate remotely on sites nationwide, therefore posing a challenge to the organisation.

Staff often work in isolated environments throughout the day and night making it vital for the company to have a safe plan in place to ensure the welfare and safety of their surveyors at all times.

The organisation had an internal method in place originally that was creating issues with false alarms from missed text messages and calls which lead to possible deployment of emergency services when it was not required. This solution also proved to be intrusive and distracting when workers were on jobs. Loy Surveys therefore required a lone worker protection system which would address these key issues and offer the ability to track the locations of staff on a map and raise an alarm only when required.


The Solution

Loy Surveys implemented Crystal Ball’s MobileLWP solution in July 2013 following a brief trial period. After considering other lone worker protection alternatives the organisation specifically chose Crystal Ball due to the system being a downloadable app that was available on their BlackBerry handsets, panic alarm availability and location visibility whilst on sites.

Implementing this application has allowed Loy Surveys to now be in control of their own monitoring sessions and ensure continuous safety and welfare of their surveyors.

The Outcome

The implementation of Crystal Ball’s MobileLWP application means that surveyors are now monitored without the inconvenience of the old system.

Amy Sayer, Office Coordinator at Loy Surveys comments:

“The introduction of the Crystal Ball solution compared with the previous method has meant that the surveyors no longer have the inconvenience of responding to a contact centre within 15 minutes throughout the working hours. It has also significantly reduced the amount of false emergency calls that were being made as surveyors can now activate a panic alarm when necessary, in the event of an incident.”

Furthermore with Crystal Ball, Loy Surveys now benefit from the accurate GPS location that is provided. This now makes it easier to locate their lone workers and monitor their locations at all times when working in remote and potentially unsafe conditions.

Additional Comments

“We needed a solution which allowed the team to trigger an alarm only when needed, but still track their movements when working on remote sites”

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